20 Things You're Definitely Missing Right Now If You're Over 30


March 5, 2018 14:56 By Mambee

Nostalgia can be a drag, can't it? You get that bittersweet feeling of wanting to go back to a different era but knowing that time is gone for good. You look at kids today and think of the many things they may never get to enjoy simply because times are changing.

This does not have to keep you from reminiscing once in a while, though. So, let's take a look at some of the things we miss about the good ol' days.

1. A phone call


Don't you miss the days when you and your friends could be on the phone for hours gossiping about all kinds of things? These days, everyone is all about texting and social media. But there's something to be said for hearing someone's voice and reaction as you enact a play-by-play of some juicy gossip.

2. Maps

HelloRF Zcool / Shutterstock.com

Google maps are awesome and stuff, but paper maps, though a little complicated, can be pretty fun. Remember that feeling of accomplishment you got when you figured it out on a map and arrived at your destination?

3. Solitaire

Before the days of Instagram and online games, we had to make do with the entertainment that came with our computers - and Solitaire was it. It may not be as high tech as what we have today, but it sure was fun and gave your brain a workout.

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4. Blockbuster


No Netflix and chill, but we did have something just as thrilling. Taking a trip to Blockbuster and choosing what you'd be watching that weekend was pretty fun.

5. VHS tapes

Maranda Bankston / Shutterstock.com

They take up space and can be frustrating after a while, but you just cannot beat that feeling of anticipation when you put it in the slot and waited for your favorite movie to come on.

6. Missing people


With social media telling us what our friends and family are doing every single moment, it's hard to actually miss someone. Can we get back to the days when we were basically bubbling with joy and stories when we got to see our bestie after weeks apart?

7. All the cool cartoons

Eating cereal and watching your favorites on Cartoon Network - that's a cool way to spend a Saturday morning.

8. Silly Putty

Yuccadruid / Shutterstock.com

Speaking of things that entertained you for hours and hours and did not require electricity or an internet connection...

9. The Discman

Yuccadruid / Shutterstock.com

Once upon a time, we considered this a 'portable' listening device. Well, it was, compared to the radio.

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10. Passing notes


There was just something exciting about writing a note on paper to pass to our BFFs. It was a risky endeavor but so worth it. It's just not the same with text messages.

11. Bob Barker


If you grew up watching the 'The Price is Right,' then you know what we're talking about.

12. Giant cell phones


Yes, it was massive, but you never had to worry about the screen breaking no matter how many times it fell.

13. Game Boys

v74 / Shutterstock.com

They may not be as techy, but they were so much fun.

14. Goosebumps

Our definition of horrors at the time. These were the books that gave us nightmares.

15. Mixtape cassettes

Bashutskyy / Shutterstock.com

Remember the days when you had to tape all your favorite songs yourself from the radio?

16. Pokemon cards

Pe3k / Shutterstock.com

Who didn't learn the art of trading and negotiation with these bad boys?

17. Tamagotchi

AlexLMX / Shutterstock.com

Don’t act like you didn’t wake up in the middle of the night to feed this little guy.

18. Bandanas


They were the must-have accessories of the good old days and they went with everything!

19. Light-up sneakers


This was once considered the height of cool. Everyone wanted them and those who had them couldn't stop showing off.

20. Dial-up internet


It was mind-numbingly slow but it was our access to the world at the time and we couldn't live without it. Sure, there were times your mom made you get offline because they had to use the phone but you still catch yourself missing it sometimes - even those primitive dial-up sounds.

Did these just take you back to a simpler time? We totally get it. Comment below if there was something we missed.

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