Determined Mom Was Able To Build A Wheelchair For Her 7-Month-Old Just By Following Online

Determined Mom Was Able To Build A Wheelchair For Her 7-Month-Old Just By Following Online Tutorial


August 27, 2018 17:58 By Mambee

A determined parent is capable of achieving almost anything, so when this mother realized that her little baby needed help getting around, she did all she could to make it happen.

Little Evelyn Moore was only 4 months old when doctors diagnosed her with cancer. She had a neuroblastoma tumor, which left her paralyzed from below her arms.

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The good news, however, was that after eight rounds of chemotherapy, Evelyn went into remission. Now, all her parents had to do was find a way to help their baby girl move around more comfortably.

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When Evelyn's mom, Kim, brought up this concern to her doctors, she was told that she should let the girl learn to arm-crawl until she was old enough to use a wheelchair. This advice did not sit well with Kim, who soon began looking for another option.

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She found exactly what she wanted when she discovered a DIY wheelchair tutorial on Pinterest.

After finding out what they needed to know, Evelyn's mom and dad got to work. Their goal was to give their child some independence and mobility. So they put in the time and effort to build the DIY baby wheelchair.

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Evelyn was 7 months old when she received this special mobility equipment from her parents. It was built using a Bumbo floor seat, a kitchen cutting board, and wheels from a children’s bike. The couple spent about $100 on the whole thing.

Now they can focus on saving for a larger wheelchair, which the little girl will need in a few years and which, undoubtedly, will cost thousands of dollars.

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Evelyn is having a fantastic time with her wheelchair and really enjoys moving around.

We have a speed bump in the middle of our living room because she just goes that fast.

This genius parents have shown that anything is possible if you are focused on your goal.

Have you ever created anything you learned from an online tutorial? Share your experience in the comments below.

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