Mom Gives Birth To Baby With Down Syndrome: "I Knew Something Was Different When I Was Pregnant."

Date February 26, 2018

When Amber Rojas was pregnant with her fifth child, she felt something she had never felt with her other four children. It was not until her baby arrived that it all made sense.

The 35-year-old was very nervous when she found out about her fifth pregnancy. This was certainly not in the plans.


It’s hard balancing a marriage, two jobs, and four VERY busy kids, so imagine the surprise of another baby! So many emotions.


But what got her through those early days of uncertainty was the unwavering support from her loved ones including her midwife. It did not take long for her to go from unsure to excited. And to make this one more special, she and her family decided they did not want to know the sex until the baby was born.


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To Amber who had labored every type of way already, this was her way of ensuring there was something big to look forward to this time around.

Of course, not knowing the sex of your child can raise a lot of question and would affect the extent of preparations. Amber admitted that it was hard for her to picture what her family would look like. But she knew this was a different experience and she totally embraced it.

Apart from the vagueness when it came to gender, something else nagged at Amber. For some reason, she suspected that this pregnancy was not the same as her others and the baby was going to be different somehow. Her husband brushed it off saying she probably felt that way because they did not know if they were having a boy or a girl.


Toward the end of my pregnancy, I could feel our baby breathe which was soooo different. No one believed me.


At 38 weeks, Amber went into labor at home. Her water birth was very quick and within five minutes, she had her baby in her arms.


As soon as I looked down, I saw it. I saw it in my baby’s face. I thought to myself… my baby has Down syndrome.



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Her family was so excited to learn the sex which was a thought that had already evaporated from Amber's mind. She looked down and saw that she just gave birth to a baby girl. Her excitement tripled and she welcomed her newborn with all her heart.

For the first few minutes, she wondered why no one noticed what she did - that their child had Down Syndrome. She kept waiting for someone to say something. Then, Angela, her midwife came to her and told the mother what she already knew.


I don’t want to worry you, but your daughter has a few Down syndrome markers.


Amber was relieved that it was not all in her head.


I knew it! I KNEW IT!’ I wasn’t going crazy! I knew something was different when I was pregnant.


From then on, Amber became obsessed with learning all she could about Down Syndrome. She wanted to help her little Amadeus in any way she could.


We didn’t care that she had Down syndrome because we were all obsessed with her and all her chromosomes!


They took the infant to the hospital to get checked out and it was confirmed that she did have Down Syndrome and that she was also born with a heart defect.

To the family, Amadeus was like any other baby. They saw nothing different in her and they loved her completely.


At the end of the day she IS our baby and we are her FAMILY! To us she is perfect. We don’t see her diagnosis or her label — we see Amadeus Reign Rojas.


Above everything else, Amber was simply thrilled that her baby was healthy and happy. Which is really what any parent wants.


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