No More Wedding Bands: A Bizarre Trend Sees Couples Getting Finger Piercings Instead Of Rings

Date March 14, 2018

As times continue to change, so do all sorts of trends. From fashion to food and technology, we can always expect everything to evolve. Sometimes a new way is better and other times, it leaves much to be desired. But in this particular case, we are kind of caught in the middle.

Couples are now ditching wedding rings and choosing instead to pierce their fingers.

v.a.karsiyakatattoo / Instagram

They prefer these permanent piercings on their ring fingers as a way to celebrate the permanence of their union, we assume.

Thanks to social media, we are seeing this trend gain momentum and more and more people are giving it a try.

Completelymadeup / Instagram

The way these finger piercings work is that it makes it look like you're wearing a ring when you aren't. Some of the piercings that are being shared on social media showcase stunning silver while other people chose to bling out their hands with diamonds.

Fili.loveskush / Instagram

A lot of the designs are quite intricate and unique. Generally, these dermal piercings usually consist of two pieces. One is a flat plate which is set beneath the skin while the other is a piece of jewelry that sits on the surface. This one is visible and can also be changed.

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While some of these look beautiful, some dermatologists have warned of the dangers of getting these piercings. If the anchor is not placed deep enough, the piercing can shift and if it's too deep, then it's possible for the skin to start growing over it. There is also a high risk of infection.

But, apparently, these people are not too worried about that. They happily accept the risks and proudly show off their shiny pieces.