On His Final Day On Earth, Grandpa Asks For His Last Wish: Sing With Dear Friends And Family

Date September 11, 2018

When a person has spent his whole life devoted to and serving God, it makes sense that they will want to leave this world the same way.

We are sometimes so focused on other things that we forget how blessed we are. We are obsessed with our jobs, businesses, cars, finances, and so on, that we do not remember to take time out and appreciate how great God has been to us.

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However, nothing reminds us of this more than knowing we may only have a few hours left to live. For this grandpa, he was determined to leave the world surrounded by the love of his family and the love of God.

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A 97-year-old man was in the hospital surrounded by his children and grandchildren. He knew he was not long for the world so he requested a worship service with his beloved family. His granddaughter captured the sweet moment on video and viewers got to see this old man singing 'How Great Thou Art.'

The older man passed away peacefully the very next day. Afterward, his granddaughter shared the video on Facebook, where it garnered a lot of views. She was blessed to have been able to capture her grandfather's moving moment where, in his final act, he expressed his love for God.

Many people who saw the video were moved to tears by this special moment between the man and his family. He was just so grateful for how blessed he had been all his life.

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Don't we all want to be old and grey someday and feel nothing but gratitude? It will surely feel like life was worth living and those around us will be at peace also. This man will be missed, but something tells us his family will be more focused on appreciating the time they had with him.

Speaking of elderly people who know the value of prayers, this man melted hearts a few years ago when he worshipped with his family, also on his sick bed.

And check out this sweet video of a little girl praying with her great-grandfather.

These men know what's important, especially during their last days. And they are passing on the tradition of prayer and worship to the younger generation.

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