Picking Favorites? Kris Jenner Has Decided To Trademark Kylie's Baby's Name

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February 16, 2018 10:16 By Mambee

To show how much she adores the name given to her grandchild, Kris Jenner has decided to trademark it.

For many months, Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was a source of speculation mostly because the Kardashian clan chose not to confirm that the 20-year-old was, in fact, expecting.


There were many guesses and unconfirmed reports but it was not until after the little one was born that fans were completely sure.

Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Since the announcement of her little one's birth on February 4th, however, the Kardashians, including the new mom, were more eager to share many sweet stories and details.

Kylie Jenner Instagram

One such detail is the adorably unique name, Stormi Webster, that the makeup mogul gave her baby girl. But as it turns out, Grandma is feeling that name so much that she's working towards ensuring no one else takes advantage of its potential.

Hollywood Life reported that the momager has plans to trademark 'Stormi' and make it a massive brand long before the little one is even able to pronounce it. A source close to the Kardashians explained that the whole family is on board with this move.


So, someday when Stormi is older, she won't have to worry like the rest of us about what social media name to use or what to call her brand. The source told the publication:

Kris is busy at work on the new name too. She has her legal team already trademarking the name.

Kris Jenner has been at the helm of affairs for her kids for many years. And from the look of things, she's already getting started in making sure her grandkids are also covered.

One of the things the grandmother is reportedly doing to safeguard the name includes locking up all 'Stormi' social media accounts.


The source disclosed that both Kris and her daughter, Kim Kardashian West, can see the marketing possibilities a name like Stormi is capable of bringing.

Kim [Kardashian, 37] thinks it is cute, unique, and fitting for a woman who will certainly take the world by storm.

We can certainly see where the family is coming from. The name itself denotes courage and toughness, which are great attributes any brand should want to promote.

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