"Be Thankful For The Crying!" A Woman's Heartbreaking Story Of Why She Wishes Her Baby Cries

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January 12, 2018 10:55 By Mambee

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the hard times as a mum. There are going to be times when you feel like you are at your wit's end especially in those early days, weeks and months when you are dealing with a baby that seems to cry non-stop. But as with anything else, the key to finding peace is realising there are people in the world who would wish to have those same problems you do.

This was exactly the lesson that mom Jordan Harrell learned. The mother of three said that throughout her children's early years, they cried a lot. They had such issues as colic, food allergy and frustrating sleep habits.

There were "lots and LOTS of crying," the mother said. In fact, Jordan herself broke down a few times and of course, begging her babies not to cry so much did not work.

Describing her ordeal on Facebook, she said she felt "like a failure" on those nights. So much so that she began to guess that she was just not doing a good job as a mother.

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Things changed, however, when Jordan's mother shared a touching story with her. She said that Jordan's brother, Justin, was also a difficult baby and she herself was having a hard time. One day, while they were at church, she had to rush to the nursery when Justin started his incessant crying. While soothing  her own child, she saw a woman who was holding a calm and quiet baby on her lap.

Jordan's mum asked the woman, "what's your secret? How’s he so easygoing?

So the woman replied by saying the child was not actually hers and that she was his foster parent. He was not crying because he was easygoing, but because he "just spent the first few months of his life crying non-stop with no response."

Nobody ever came. The crying didn’t work for him. So he stopped. And now, he never cries. Your son’s crying is a good thing. It means he trusts you, trusts that you’ll come.”

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This was the parenting lesson Jordan's mum taught her and one she chose to share with the world. So on those days that she felt exhausted, guilty and sad, she thought back to that story.

Jordan's word of advice to mothers was that they should go to their baby and hold them close when they cried.

Be thankful for the crying... They’re not crying because you’re a bad mom. They’re crying because you’re such a good one.

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So, the next time you want to yell in frustration about your crying baby, remember that it is her way of telling you she trusts you, needs you and believes in you.

Source: Jordan Harrell / Facebook