Donald Trump And Melania Posted A Curious Christmas Photo And The Responses Were Absolutely Savage

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December 26, 2017 10:28 By Mambee

'Tis the season for love and laughter, but evidently, these were not the feelings that were evoked by US President, Donald Trump and his wife, Melania after they shared a very disturbing Christmas picture.

When you imagine a Christmas photo to send to the world, you probably picture joy, warmth and familial bliss - you do not expect a couple facing the opposite directions and basically looking miserable. Yet, somehow, that was the type of photo the POTUS and FLOTUS decided we needed to see to ignite the Christmas spirits in us.

On Christmas Eve, Melania Trump shared this picture below on her Twitter page. At first glance, it looked like two very unhappy people who were bored in a room together. The caption did try to explain the uncomfortable photo by saying that they were trying to track Santa for their kids for Christmas.

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Despite the caption and the acceptance of the fact that perhaps, these two did not mean the picture to come out the way it did, there are a few points that were just too confusing to ignore;

  • First off, considering the negative narrative about their relationship in the past several months, this type of picture does not help.
  • Then the image just looked downright gloomy. The extra high ceilings and the dark gold paint made it look like they were two people surrounded by luxury but intensely lonely.
  • Plus, it's really hard to believe that they are tracking Santa for their little, Santa-believing children who are really not so 'little.'

As one may expect, when you post something on social media, you will always get all kinds of responses. And this one was no different. All kinds of reactions trailed this social media post. From statements about how unhappy the duo looked (especially on Christmas day) to how the situation in the country may have affected their mood, we saw them all. Check them out below.

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While we agree that this picture was not the most festive, we could give the First Couple a pass, and choose to believe that it was really not their intention to pass across such a sad and gloomy Christmas message.

Source: EliteDaily