Mum Was Told Her Newborn Baby Had Only A Few Days To Live. 14 Years Later The Girl Is Still Thriving

Date December 28, 2017

When it comes to medicine, there are times that people's outcome defies doctors' expectations. Call it medical miracles or whatever you want, these situations exist to remind us that, sometimes, faith can work wonders. Sometimes, even the most impossible scenarios can be made possible and yes, miracles do happen.

In 2003, Brianne Jourdin gave birth to her baby girl who she named Kenadie. At the time of birth, Kenadie was only 2.5 pounds in weight and 11 inches tall. The infant was way smaller than average. The doctors soon realised that part of Kenadie's brain was missing.

Barcroft TV / YouTube

The child was so tiny that the nurses called her 'Thumbelina.' After a series of tests, doctors explained to Brianne that her daughter would not live very long. The severe brain damage she suffered meant that she only had a few days or weeks to live.

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Brianne was devastated but she was determined to enjoy the time she had with her baby girl. She said, "the idea of all of the life that you imagined for your child has suddenly been taken away.” But days, weeks and months went by and Kenadie was as happy as can be.

When she was 8 months old, she was diagnosed with a rare form of primordial dwarfism. The condition meant that she would experience premature ageing, fragile bones and problems with her respiratory system among other medical issues.

Fourteen years later, despite the earlier belief that she would not survive, Kenadie is alive and growing strong. Her survival continues to baffle doctors but her mother has been very grateful to still have her baby girl with her.

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Even though she is still very small for her age and experiencing the medical issues doctors talked about, Brianne described her daughter as loving, kind-hearted and passionate. The emotional mother said, "she has definitely proved all those doctors wrong. She had defied all odds. She has overcome so many obstacles."

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Truly, Kenadie is a miracle child and every day she lives is one more day for her mother to be very appreciative of how far she has come.

Source: Source: Barcroft TV / YouTube