5 Incredibly Heartwarming Videos Of Deaf Babies Hearing Their Mother's Voice For The First Time Ever

Date January 12, 2018

Nothing can be more devastating than having a baby only to realise that they have a condition that can make life a little bit more challenging for them. Unfortunately, this is the reality for a lot of people. However, in some cases, these conditions can be corrected and all becomes well.

We all want our children to react to the sound of our voice. We want to see them light up and start looking around to find us once they hear us speak. But when your child is born deaf, this is an experience that may not happen.

These children were born deaf but thanks to the advancement in medicine, they were able to hear again. The beautiful moments when they heard their mum's voice for the first time brought us to tears.

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Annabelle Lawrence was wide-eyed as soon as she realised the sound she was hearing was her mother's beautiful voice. She received hearing aids and once they were turned on, her excitement was evident.

A woman named Christy Keane shared this video of her child, Charly, breaking into a wide grin when she heard her mum's voice.

7-week-old Lachlan first experienced a moment of shock, then had the sweetest smile on his face when as he appreciated the sound of his mama's voice.

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8-month-old Jonathan was all smiles when he looked up at his mother's face and discovered that he was hearing her voice for the first time ever.

Hollie Miller was incredibly emotional in this video of her daughter, Audrey, hearing her voice for the first time.

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Videos like these remind us not to take the little moments for granted. These parents' unbridled joy at knowing their children can now hear the sound of their voice is truly indescribable.