'It Was The Last Picture We Had As A Family.' Man Sends Heartwarming Message To Stranger Who Took A Special Photo Of His Family Before His Wife Passed Away

Date March 28, 2019

When was the last time you helped someone else make a nice memory? Not everyone has the time to take a pause from their busy lives and do something utterly selfless and generous for others.

This is why stories like these tend to go viral. Not only do they inspire us to be kinder to one another, but they are also a reminder that random generous acts that might not have been a big deal to us could be life-changing to someone else.

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Joyce Rhinehart was at an ice cream store with her grandson when she noticed a beautiful-looking family, each holding an ice cream cone in his/her hands. She approached them and asked if she could take their photo.

Now, this might sound like an odd request but according to Joyce's Facebook post, this was nothing new to her. She would often see people enjoying a moment, that in her opinion, should be caught in time and she would offer to help them capture it.

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This time around, what she saw was a happy family enjoying that rare moment of peace and togetherness in a pretty busy world. After they gave their permission, Joyce took the photo then handed her phone to the young daughter to transfer the picture to hers. She exchanged pleasantries and they said their goodbyes.

Joyce did not give the family much thought until one day, a little over a week later, she received a text message from the dad.

Dear madam, you took our picture in front of Rita's on June 8th. My wife has passed away yesterday and this is the last picture we have together as a family.

The man also expressed his deepest gratitude for what Joyce did and mentioned that it meant the world to him and the kids.

Joyce, of course, was heartbroken to hear of the woman's passing but the experience made her determined to do more of these random kind acts for others. Her encounter with the family was one that she would never forget.

This just proves that all it takes to make someone's day is to offer your time and attention. Now, because of this kind woman, a family will always have this special moment of their lovely wife and mother captured in time.

A husband and wife are the two life partners who take a life path together! Let’s not take them for granted.

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