Does Having A Smartphone Really Cause Depression In Children?

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November 13, 2017 17:28 By Mambee

Modern society is living the being-in-touch way of life. But today’s overconsumption of social media is the reason of parents’ anxiety and even panic. Do we harm our children buying Smartphone for them?

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The American psychologist Jean Twenge have been researching generations for a long time, and she noticed a terrifying tendency!

In 2013-14 I started to see some really sudden changes - loneliness and depressive symptoms started to go up, while happiness and life satisfaction started to go down.

Other research by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shows that it started earlier – since 2010 the percentage of teenagers who had been suffering from depressive moods increased. But unfortunately, there can be even more tragic consequences, as The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported, in 2016 the incidents of committing suicide raised.

Social media addiction effects adults, but it is more dangerous to adolescents as  it leaves no time for face-to-face interaction with peers and their family. It is crucial for teens to develop their social skills and build emotional connection instead of being glued to the screen. Young minds absorb everything and still it is flexible in teen age to follow any idea or trend.

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Children's psychological disorders

If you notice your kid change, become moody and irritated, emotionally closed, then this is the first sign you need to pay attention to. Be careful, teens are going through the time of self identification, so they are especially fragile and emotional.

Signs you can not ignore:

- irritation, bad mood, negative and pessimistic thoughts;

- fatigue, low energy level, apathy;

- sleep disorders;

- eating disorders;

- difficulties in concentrating;

- complains for frequent head and stomach ache.

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Everything starts within a family, so the most important what a kid needs is a loving and understanding parent. Do not walk away when you feel your child needs to talk.

1. Encourage your kid to spend more time without a phone, make a rule of “no phone” at the table, in the car, get time for communication whenever it occurs.

2. Do not criticize, scold or push during the period of low mood, as your kid may be over sensitive and take it closer to heart than needed.

3. Show the benefits of real life, connect it with emotions. Often the teens get magnetized by the glamour of the virtual life, photos in social media, they start to question their own value.

4. Provide a loving, calm and tolerant atmosphere at home. Remember that love is the answer, even though it sounds trite.

The video from Moby & Steve Cutts perfectly describes the tragic side of the phone addictions.

There is no solid evidence that using Smartphone leads to depression and suicide, but we still witness a sad tendency, and it is in your hand to influence your child. Young generation definitely needs more attention and tolerance from their parents.

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