5 Tips For Cleaning A Freezer: Fast And Easy

Date December 15, 2017

Time to clean a freezer? If you are looking for eco-friendly solutions, they exist. Instead of purchasing expensive chemicals, you could totally make your own washing mixture which will help to cope with dirt and smell. Before cleaning your freezer, unplug it and take all the items out, and give it time to unfreeze. Then it is time to remove all detachable drawers and shelves, which have to be cleaned separately.

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1. Make  a cleaning  mixture - mix hot water and vinegar in equal proportions, or use lemon juice instead of vinegar. There is another option – 4 cups of hot water and 2 tbsp of baking soda. Both are not just good with removing stains and dirt, but a lingering odor too.

2. It is better to use soft sponge or towel, or cloth, any soft material in order not to leave any scratches. Soak your cloth in the solution and wash sides and bottoms of your freezer.

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3. For hard stains on your shelves, you may put them into your cleaning solution, and let them soak for awhile. If you have those stains inside the freezer, you may want to add more vinegar to your mixture, and leave a soaked cloth on a stain letting the time do its business.

4. For older stains which do not want to come off, you can make a solution of one part bleach and three parts water. Dip a rug into it and use it for your stains, if there is any mildew, this mixture will help to remove it too.

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5. For corners or hard-to-get places, or any grime, you can use a toothbrush, dipping it into baking soda.

Once your freezer is dry and clean, and you are satisfied with results, plug it in again, and make sure it is working properly. Hopefully, the cleaning tips can be useful for any of you who decided to tidy it up using simple and affordable household items.

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