Baby Elephant Stuck In The Mud Hole. 5 Hours Later Family Of Elephants Salutes Rescues For Saving Their Beloved Calf

Date December 1, 2017

In Southern India a baby elephant was rescued from the mud hole, the whole operation took 5 hours, but the baby got successfully reunited with the herd.

In happened in the forest area of the Nilgiris Mountains. The forest workers heard an anxious trumpeting of an elephant and rushed to it, there was a baby elephant in the hole, covered with mud, making an attempt to get out of it, but mud was sticky and slippery, and he seemed to get stuck even more. He was scared in that trap and hopeless.

ViralHog / Youtube

The forest workers called the rescue team and they started the operation with heavy vehicles, involving dozens of people, and finally after 5 hours they managed to un-dig the poor animal, and he found his way out.

ViralHog / Youtube

He rushed early to his herd, 2 adult elephants were waiting for their baby aside near the lake, as they saw him alive and safe, they rushed towards him early, trumpeting with happiness and joy!

Elephants are known as intelligent animals, they touch their pals with their trunk, or place the trunk in their mouth to calm them, as if they give each other a hug.

The witnesses of this family reunion applauded and shouted for this reunion.