Do You Know What A Drawer Underneath The Oven Is Really For?

Date December 15, 2017

We all have that little drawer underneath the oven. Mostly, people use it to store some pots and pans. But in fact, this is not what it is for. As surprising as it is, we have to keep it empty, so that later we could put hot food there to let it stay still warm when it is meal time.

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This is pretty smart and may save so much time at the kitchen.

While having a big family, and preparing meals in advance, you could finish cooking them all in different time. So when it is dinner time and kids run to the table, you have to warm up some food again.

Sounds familiar?

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Now finishing one dish, you can just put it underneath in that drawer, which gets heated after you use an oven. It will preserve warm temperature of your dish, and you can serve it just perfectly warm for a table.

It is definitely not a toy for kids to play though.

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Note that a cold or room-temperature meals will not warm up in there. Leaving food with temperature between 40 and 140 degrees Farenheit, you risk to get it spoiled, as bacteria grows rapidly in this environment.

Now, knowing this little trick, life got easier a bit, hopefully.

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