Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Was Awarded By "A Companion Of Honor" in Buckingham Palace, And She Is "Deeply Honoured"


December 13, 2017 16:28 By Mambee

Joanne Rowling, the best known for her bestseller "Harry Potter", received a Companion of Honor in Buckingham Palace from the Duke of Cambridge. There she stands, holding an award, proud and happy.


She attended the palace together with her husband, Neil Murray. After the event, she shared her feelings with the press.

I'm deeply honoured and proud to be receiving this honour. To be included in the distinguished and diversely talented company of the other Companions of Honour, especially as a female writer, is a particular privilege.


The Companion of Honor is a special award which is given to a person for an important impact, and only 65 people can hold it for one time, which makes it even more outstanding. Rowling made it for her service of literature and philanthropy. She has been a very successful novel writer, and screenwriter, and she is well known for her charity. She shares a lot about this sphere of her life in her twitter page.


This year the “Harry Potter”, which made her so famous, turns 20. It seems like a long time ago this charming boy was born in Rowling’s imagination, and now it is the most favourite and adored character for children in many countries.  "Harry Potter" books were sold more than 400 million copies – sounds absolutely fantastic. These series have become the most popular and best-selling in history.

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Joanne Rowling earned  it to be a Companion of Honor for hundred per cent. Her tremendous impact into literature is hard to overestimate.

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