How To Protect Your Baby's Skin Against Winter Weather

Date January 15, 2018

Wintertime is real hazard for your skin, but your babies are more exposed to frigid temperatures, so they demand additional care. Here are few tips for parents to consider in order to protect your baby’s skin against frost bites, dryness and eczema.

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  • Even staying indoors you can put a contribution into skincare. The temperature at home is as well important, if the home air is too warm and dry, skin will dry out too. There is a way out – using electronic air-humidifier and constant airing the room.

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  • While giving your child a bath, pour lukewarm water, not hot one, the prefect temperature would be 37 Celcuis – the temperature of the body.

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  • Moisturizing routine after each bath is essential, so it is better to make it a habit. You can buy special baby lotions and creams at the store, but they should be as natural as possible and should not contain propylene glycol, parabens, artificial fragrances, synthetic waxes. There is always a choice to make such moisturizer at home.


Coconut butter (1/4 cup)

Shea butter (1/4 cup)

Olive oil (2 ts)

Castor oil (2 ts)

Mix all the ingredients and apply for baby’s face and body.

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  • Before going outside put a thick layer of moisturizer on a baby’s face and let it absorb. Do not forget about the lips! Vaseline is the best remedy for it, because drooling ruins the surface layer of the skin and so ruins the protection.

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  • When it is frosty but sunny day, sun may burn skin as well as during the summer season, reflecting from the snow it can create double damage, so make sure you have a cream with SPF for cloudless and bright weather.

Do not let the frost harm your  baby’s skin, be first to take care for it and prepare it well for the winter.

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