Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Skin Care Secrets, And They Are Simple And Affordable

Date December 4, 2017

Aging is inevitable and it will happen to everyone! Jennifer Aniston proves that aging gracefully is possible, her skin looks perfect and she radiates calmness, harmony, and healthy glow. How does she do it? She revealed her beauty secrets in her interviews, allowing us to get to know more about her skin routine. And as appeared - her tips are absolutely simple and affordable to every one.

1. Power of nature

Jennifer has been on team with Aveeno Active Naturals, she tells in her interview for Popsugar, that when she started taking care for her skin in teenage years, using nature products like oats was so real and accessible, and it worked! There is nothing better than embracing the power of nature and keep it real.

2. As simple as that!

Jenn’s every day routine is simple, washing face and putting some moisturizer on – no one wants to spend so much time for it, so why to complicate it?

3. Modern technology therapy

When it comes to professional skin therapy, Jennifer prefers light and not-invasive lazar treatment. She loves the refreshing effect after the session, which lasts 30 minutes. Another treatment she is undergoing is called Thermage – it is working through radiofrequency waves which hit the most visible signs of aging, make skin smooth and stimulate collagen and have a natural toning effect. She says nowadays people go too far with Botox injections, we all get older, and aging is not something Jenn is afraid of.

4. Face workout

Your face has muscles just like everything else, so they need the same training. It is possible to reach these muscles toning and tightening by electric stimulation therapy or doing face gymnastics by yourself. Proper work of facial muscles will make a decent blood circulation, and that means nourishing our face with oxygen from within.

5. Holistic approach

Skin is reflecting everything that is happening inside your body! So Jennifer has the holistic view on skincare and she starts with her eating, avoids processed food and food with high sugar, workouts and meditates every day. This whole life style makes her have more peaceful and calm attitude towards everything, reduce stress from hectic life schedule. Everything is connected – your lifestyle is written on your face!

6. Biggest beauty regret!

When Jenn was younger she admits, she did not protect herself from the sun rays properly! She wanted to be brown, and that aim was above all. This is the biggest regret she has about her skincare. Now all the types of tan sprays are available, so this is what she uses to reach her golden skin tone. She is a huge fan of sunscreen products and now inseparable with them.

Jennifer is an inspiration to so many women, and her attitude towards aging is worth admiring. She prefers to concentrate on more important things than thinking of getting older in a negative way, she is full of life and youth and this approach is working as anti-age remedy for her.