Overweight Woman Lost 12 Stones To Win The Bet With Her Grandmother

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December 1, 2017 17:27 By Mambee

We get inspired by strong willed people every day!

Karen Sharpe is one of them, she lost 10 stones just for a bet with her granny! Karen was overweight, weighing 25 stones, she was constantly struggling with chronic back pain and fatigue. It was hard even to move!

She is a mother of 4 kids and she admits she was getting heavier after each of them, as she was absorbed in motherhood and stopped taking care for her dieting. She considered weight-loss surgery  and was already approved for gastric band procedure.

Though her granny, who was 82 then, made a bet with her saying that weight loss is possible to gain without any surgery, just a healthy lifestyle. What’s more – Karen was promised 1000 pounds as a price for winning the bet.

This is how her transformation began – physical activity, and new food habits. Now Karen had roasted chicken breast instead of nuggets, apples instead of chips and bacon, smoothie but not a soda!

She noticed her weight dropped and it motivated her even more. During that time her granny died, but now Karen feels even more obliged to reach her goal.

She was close to her grandmother and stopping would mean to let her down. So Karen felt she needed to challenge herself more!

Regular exercise and healthy eating led Karen to success, and now she wears size 12 instead of 32 after 4 years of hard work, and works as a personal trainer! Such a change! This is a true example of the strong willpower, and the power of inspiration our close people can give.