5 Reasons Why Father And Dad Is Not The Same

Date February 9, 2018

Fathers play a very important part in child’s development. More and more families embrace modern views on parenting and engage fathers and mothers equally in the nurturing process, which is good. But how to understand if you have been a good dad and if your child can proudly say: “My dad is the best.”

Here are 5 reasons to understand a father is doing everything right:

1. Dad is there for his child. He can make priorities, and spending time with family is not just a duty but a pleasure. He is not a person who conceived, but someone who becomes a friend to children.

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2. A good dad does not judge but tries to understand. An Ability to listen is a great gift, but we do not realize that we all have it, but rarely use. 

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3. A good dad gives a good example. We often demand something from children but at the same time, we fail to follow our own rules. You can’t nurture your offspring by the book, they follow the heart. Humans are social creatures and they copy behavior. They would rather follow your actions rather than words, so do not make them do things you would not do yourself.

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4. A good dad respects your personality. He does not command like in an army, but discuss and ask for kid’s advice, showing that communication has a paramount importance.

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5. A good dad accepts. A child needs to feel safe in his own skin and to know that parents love him unconditionally. Even though we all have flaws, accepting a child’s imperfections means giving him such love. It will also teach him to accept himself.

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It is important to be a dad, not a father. And even if you think these are relative words, “dad” is more emotional. It is the person who is trustworthy and reliable. According to studies, dads who are involved in child’s nurturing contribute a great deal to his cognitive, emotional and spiritual development.

The old-school patterns of strict fathers slowly go to the past, and it is all for good. It is important to recognize that being a good dad will build an unbreakable bond with a child forever. And that's when a proud father may hear: "I love you, daddy"!

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