It Is Revealed What Chocolate Spreads Are Really Made Of, And You May Not Like It

Date February 8, 2018 15:11

It is hard to find a person who does not like chocolate spreads! That think sweet chocolate paste spread on a toast in the morning – what can be better, right? One of the most popular brands is Nutella, and it has a huge merchandise success.

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Children cannot pass by the shelves with chocolate spreads in the stores, maybe because of all the commercials featuring happy kids eating those sandwiches. Anyway, what they advertise as healthy breakfast for kids has nothing to do with being healthy.

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The consumer center in Germany found out what is really hiding behind attractive labels and wonderful chocolate taste.

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Spreads consist of sugar, skim milk powder, cocoa and palm oil. When health hazards from sugar are widely known, not many of us know about palm oil. Its saturated fat is not recommended for frequent consuming, as it may endanger heart health of children and increase cholesterol level in blood.

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A Healthy breakfast? Chocolate spread is not the best choice. These sugary products are often misleading, so instead of falling for a pretty commercial, it is better to study ingredients they consist of.

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