It's Believed That Everyone Has A Guardian Angel - And Here Are Some Signs Of It


February 8, 2018 15:27 By Mambee

Some of us believe we all have guardian angels. They come to the rescue when we are in trouble and bring us fortune with their invisible presence.

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Other people just call it good luck signs and superstitions. People around the world came to believe in something that blessed them with good and promised success.

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Popular signs are finding 4-leaves clever or crossing your fingers or carrying a rabbit’s foot. But there are some other good luck superstitions people have around the world.

Broken dishes

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In German, Denmark, and Ukraine they believe that broken dishes are the signs of luck. So if the whole dining set crashes down from the table, there is no reason to be upset – it means something good is waiting for you.

Sweeping the dirt

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In China sweeping out the dirt from home and throwing it away through the front door is a sign of bad luck. To favor their guardian angels, Chinese people always take out the garbage through the back doors of the houses.

Spilling water behind a person

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In Serbia folks believe that spilling water behind a person will summon his guardian angles and bring him good outcome in everything.


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In many countries, a horseshoe is considered to be a lucky charm, but only when you hang it properly.  The right place to put it is above your front door because that’s how good luck comes in. The horseshoe is made of iron usually and it is believed to protect the house from evil.


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Many cultures believe these insects bring good luck if they sit on your arm. If you find one do not sweep it away because it is a sign you are blessed and guarded. In Belgium, they believe that if a man and woman see a ladybug at the same time, they will definitely fall in love.


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In feng-shui goldfish have almost magical properties, they are the creatures who bring luck and prosperity. If someone gives you a goldfish as a present, this is a sign of fortune.

Lucky coin

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Finding a coin is another sign you cant ignore. Fining a coin on the street in an unexpected place or unexpected situation is promising success. It is hard to argue that finding money is bad anyway.

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Is it possible that the Universe is giving people some signs, and we do not always recognize them? Or maybe it is just superstitions? That is up to a man to decide. But sometimes it is good to know the guardian angel is watching over us and gives hints or lead us to the good.

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