Woman Pays Emotional Tribute To Three Brothers With Autism, Saying That They Have Taught Her Everything About Real Life

Date April 12, 2018

Our families make us the people we are. 26-year-old Ali Carbone from NY posted a touching tribute to her three brothers with autism. She declared her love and appreciation for her sweet family, confessing that her siblings taught her everything she knows about real life.

Ali Carbone / Facebook

Michael, Anthony, and Luke have different forms of autism, yet they are unique boys.

My oldest brother is non-verbal, blind and epileptic. My middle brother is verbal, social and suffers from severe OCD. My youngest is mildly verbal and hyperactive.

From a young age, she learned about true feelings, compassion, and the challenges of a family with three disabled kids. She learned about autism, and that made her mature.

If you see a kid flapping their arms, don’t laugh. If you see an adult having a meltdown, don’t stare. If they go in for a hug or high five, don’t shy away. A smile from a stranger can quite literally change our day.

Ali Carbone / Facebook

Carbone told PopSugar that she learned so many important lessons growing up with her brothers – how to treat people and life in general. She says: “Stay positive and remember that we've made it this far, through all these heartaches — we still can find happiness and love.” The family had worries about the boys’ future and what will happen to them when the parents are gone. They decided to put the brothers into a children's residential home where they could receive professional help and round-the-clock care. The parents were severely criticized by the community for this deed, however, Ali is certain this is better for the boys.

I'm sure parents of typical children can't imagine the 'terrible twos' being their entire lives. So for people who judged my parents for making the decision to put the boys in the CRP? I'm confident they wouldn't last a minute in my parents' shoes

Kim Befumo Carbone / Facebook

They come home on the weekends, so the whole family can appreciate time together. The picture of the four siblings is truly emotional and we can tell by their faces that there is unconditional love between them all!