6 Signs Of Toxic Family Relationships Which Drag You Down And How To Get Rid Of Them

Date March 6, 2018

People say we do not get to choose a family. It is a real blessing to have loving and supportive family members who let you thrive and make you feel strong and comfortable.

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Unfortunately, sometimes it happens otherwise. People may struggle with failures in career and personal life and even not realize the reason behind it. A family is a micro universe that molds a person. Apparently, people who surround us play a tremendous role in our well-being, success, self-acceptance, and even physical health.

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How to recognize toxic family relationships? Here are the signs of sick atmosphere between family members, that lead to nothing but a spiritual and mental destruction.


Family members who try to control your every step are poisoning you with such behavior. They try to influence your decisions, the way you think and feel. As a result, you do not feel you are capable of something by yourself or have any kind of privacy. Relationships with controlling people are suffocating and lower your self-esteem.

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If you feel like you are under pressure of making a choice – you are in a trap of manipulative family members. They usually use blackmail manipulating your feelings and emotions. You end up doing what they want, because the other way may be the sign of disrespect or “not loving enough”, “not caring enough”.

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Toxic people often lie about insignificant stuff, but also about major issues. They would lie to conceal their own mistakes or manipulate you.

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You may realize, they criticize you a lot. No matter what you do, you are doing it your way, and it is already a reason for critics. You are not good enough and there is no contenting to them.

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Not reasonable conversations

Toxic family members are hard to talk too, they won't listen to your arguments and reasonable thoughts, fail to provide their own, and turn unwanted subjects into drama. Trying to make a decision together almost always turns into controlling or manipulative behavior from their side.

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Usually, people who ruin their own lives try to ruin others. Alcohol, drugs or gambling are their frequent companions. Such family members lose the reality and have priorities shift. They also lose the ability to empathy so they would not probably care for your feelings.

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What to do?

Being dragged out in toxic family relationships means losing yourself, your dignity and self-esteem. You may feel under pressure and stress, discouraged and apathetic.

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If you realized, that your close people bring you nothing but anger, irritation or a feeling of misery, it is better to set boundaries. The peace inside you is the core of your essence, so keep distance with those who ruin it.

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Find a hobby that will develop your artistic skills and bring you maximum comfort and relaxation. No matter what you choose - dance class, painting, yoga, swimming or just listening to pleasant music. The key is to get away from routine and distract your mind from negativity. /

If there is no way to move apart, then try to look at these people from a different perspective. Do not afraid to stand your ground and be persistent in what you believe in.

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