Dying Conjoined Twins Carmen And Lupita Beat The Odds And Turn To Adorable Young Ladies

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February 27, 2018 12:04 By Mambee

Parents of Carmen and Lupita Andrade were expecting twins, but girls were born conjoined. Doctors were only throwing their hands up in absolute despair, saying twins had just a few days to live.

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However, those strong girls did not plan to surrender, they fought for their lives. Things which usually come to babies naturally came to them with many efforts.

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Each girl has a set of arms, set of lungs, and an individual heart and a stomach. They share some ribs, a liver, their circulatory system, and their digestive and reproductive systems. They have separate spines, which meet in the pelvic area.

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It was hard to learn to walk, and they made their first steps only by the age of four. Lupita and Carmen were responsible for each leg, so they had to learn how to find balance and coordinate moves together.

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Girls have completely different personalities, and they say all friends notice that.

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Carmen is an excellent student, witty, articulate and ambitious. Lupita is more reserved and shy, and not so bright in studying, but she has a sense of humor just as her twin sister.

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When someone asks girls if they are twins, they like to reply that they are “actually really close cousins”.

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With time some health problems have emerged. Lupita's lung has only 40 percent capacity and her spine is extremely curled.

Well i guess we really gotta graduate now ????

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Now doctors claim they can operate the girls and separate them, though it is a high-risk surgery. It could end up in neurological problems or even death of both.

Sisters refuse to be separated. They can not imagine what it is like to live another kind of life, and moreover, they do not want to risk losing each other.

They got adjusted to cooperate and mastered controlling the body. They turned 16 in 2017. Amazing twins defied all the odds and they seem to enjoy social life and schooling to the fullest.

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