A Few Bizarre Things Meghan Markle Had To Quit Because Of The Royal Rules

Date February 6, 2018 12:20

Maybe it seems that royal life is full of glamorous parties and luxury events, fascinating travels and perfect smiles for the camera! Still, it requires many efforts and inner resources to have the lifestyle British royals do.



Meghan Markle has a humble origin, but marrying to Prince Harry on May, 19 changed her official status, and that means she needed to make many sacrifices for that.




1. Social media

Members of the royal family do not have their own social media pages. They have official pages for British Monarchy, and Kensington Palace, which they all share. Therefore, Meghan had to delete her Instagram account and the TIG blog she was working at.


2. Official work

Meghan Markle is a former actress, and she loved being on set! The role in The Suits was a big breakout for her, but unfortunately, she had to sacrifice her acting job and career. Now she had to quit that too, as she does not have to work any longer.




3. She cannot take selfie anymore. She can’t make them and be on them either.


4.  No autographs.

Fans would always want her signature on their cards, but this is what royals are forbidden to do, no matter how hard they beg! Meghan was already spotted giving autographs; someone needs to tell her that has to stop!




5. She cannot go out alone

Meghan will be protected every single moment whenever she goes. Sounds little overwhelming, but members of the royal family can not have time alone when they are out of their homes. Wherever she goes, she will be followed by security.




6. No voting

The members of the royal families cannot support a certain political party, so when Meghan became the Prince Harry's wife, she lost her right to vote in Great Britain.


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7. She cant dress like she used to

Royal etiquette demands formal and timid outfits. She can not have short skirts or dresses anymore, same goes with transparent fabrics and cleavage.  It concerns hair and manicure – she can no longer use a dark nail polish, that is considered vulgar.




8. She cant leave the table unless the Queen did

The family gatherings and dinners are regulated too. Queen Elizabeth is not only the monarch of England but the head of the family too. Before she leaves the table, no one has a right to do so.


Life has changed quite a lot of the American actress, and people usually do not like to change familiar routine and lifestyle. Now she is the Duchess of Sussex, the wife of Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, and she has to embrace the new role.



Hopefully, strong love of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will make adjustment process more bearable.


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