13 Dressing Do's And Dont's Everyone Should Remember

Date February 1, 2018

We can never change the first impression! And it is usually molded from our gate, look, posture, and the way we dress. That is why it is so important to remember the main rules of dress-code in formal situations.

For women, the best choice would be a dress, a blouse with a skirt or pants, and a limited amount of accessories. Here are the things you should keep in mind:

1. Wearing a short or a blouse, you may unbutton just 2 buttons. The distance between your collarbone and cleavage should not be more than 4 inches.

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2. When it comes to a dress, it is sometimes hard to pick one! But it can’t be a cleavage and a short skirt at the same time. In order to not look vulgar, opt to open just one area.

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3. Too many accessories will ruin the look. Pick earrings with a bracelet that match each other, or a necklace with a ring.

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4. A naked piece of skin between your pants and cardigan is not a good choice for the formal event.

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5. Avoid wearing too many patterns; it will look like a motley outfit.


6. Wearing a blouse make sure your underwear straps are not visible.

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7. Spaghetti straps are not recommended for formal events, so when picking a sleeveless top, choose the one which covers your shoulders.

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Men probably have less variety of choices – pants and a shirt; or the full package – a vest, a tie, and a jacket. Still, there are certain rules of wearing those as well.

1. If you pick just pants and a shirt without a jacket, you may not wear a tie.

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2. It is better to wear a belt if you tuck in a shirt in pants.

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3. Belt and shoes have to match in color.

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4. When you are sitting, make sure a piece of a naked leg is not visible between your pants and socks.

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5. There is a certain rule about the tip of your tie! It should reach your belt and cross it just a bit.

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6. If you choose to wear a jacket, it should be always buttoned in the middle, never in the bottom. The upper button depends on your mood.

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Hopefully, you will find these pieces of advice useful and will outshine everyone in any formal event!

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