6 Things That Are Not Recommended To Do On An Empty Stomach

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December 21, 2018 13:45 By Mambee

An empty stomach is a condition most of us find hard to handle. We feel urged to fill the void in order to get rid of this feeling, but there are things we cannot consume on an empty stomach if we don't want any unpleasant consequences.

1. Coffee

Many people can’t imagine mornings without a cup of coffee, but this special ritual may lead to digestive problems if you prefer your coffee black. It stimulates acid production in the stomach, which irritates the digestive tract.

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There is no need to change your ritual, just add some milk or cream to your cup or have a bite of something with your coffee.

2. Medications or vitamins

Taking medicine on an empty stomach may cause stomach pain and nausea, so you can seriously damage your health. However, there are some meds that are recommended to take before food, so you should pay double attention to instructions.

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Some vitamins and supplements are absorbed better by our body when they are taken with meals. There are others you need to take on an empty stomach. In this case, you have to be sure you take your pills at the right time.

3. Chewing gum

Do not chew a piece of gum on an empty stomach – your body reacts to your chewing as if it were food intake, and the stomach starts to produce acid to digest it. When there is nothing to digest, the acid destroys the lining of your stomach and may cause gastritis, if you chew it regularly.

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If you do it just to refresh your breath, it is better to brush your teeth or use a special spray instead. It is better to chew gum after your meal.

4. Intense workout

High-intensity training is not recommended when you are hungry! There is an opinion that training on empty stomach is better for weight loss, however, you would lose muscles too. High blood pressure and increased heart rate may result in dizziness, nausea, and headache.

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What to do: If you feel energetic while hungry, you may perform low-intensity workouts, like yoga, stretching, walking or jogging.

5. Citrus juice

Yes, citrus juice will boost you with vitamins, but it has tough fibers and acid, which cause damage to an empty stomach. It can cause gastritis, so it is better to avoid any citruses when you are hungry.


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6. Go to bed

Trying to drift away on an empty stomach? It does not usually work. Low glucose and the feeling of hunger prevent us from falling asleep, and you may find yourself waking up a few times at night. Being fully packed in your stomach is not an option either, so consider a light dinner or a cup of warm milk with honey just before sleep.

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It is interesting, but when we are hungry our brain works more efficiently. Our ability to concentrate and make decisions increases. It happens because of ghrelin production – a hunger hormone which stimulates brain activity. This is the right time to perform different tasks, make plans and decisions, so do not waste your hungry time! Maybe it happens because our brain is focused on hunting for food and that is why it’s so important to be alert and organized.

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