A Journalist Spots A Pair Of Teeth In Wildfire, And Puts Every Effort To The Rescue

Date January 30, 2018 14:26

Wildfires blazed across Southern California urged people to escape in a hurry saving their lives, and often they had to leave everything behind. One horse in Sylmar, California, was trying so hard to escape fire from his stable, but on its way he got stuck in a narrow gap and fell on his back.

He could not move and the fire approached closer with every minute.

Gina Silva / Facebook

Luckily for the horse, he was spotted by a journalist Gina Silva. She was in the area with her team from KTTV Fox News to report on the wildfire. She saw that horse was trapped but they could not save him on their own, so Silva posted a request for help on social media page.

The rescue team arrived quickly; they broke the wall and set the horse free! He was not hurt much, the local vet took care of him in the clinic and treated insignificant injuries.

Gina Silva / Facebook

They contacted the horse’s owner and learned that he name was Kenny. He was left in the stable because the family had to run away in a rush and could not take horses. Now Kenny is safe and sound, he healed quickly and his owner could not be thankful enough for rescuing him.

Eric Shackelford / Twitter

Sadly, 30 horses died in the wildfires which were spreading so quickly, it left no time for proper evacuation. But Kenny was lucky to have Gina Silva around.

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