A Nurse Rescues Abused And Malnourished 1-Year-Old Twins Who Desperately Needed A Loving Mother

Date November 1, 2018 17:07

Nurse Jess Hamm, from Florida, has experienced a lot due to her difficult job, but one case was so heart-wrenching it changed her life forever.

She met a 14-month old girl who had been delivered to the hospital in a horrible condition. She had broken bones and even a skull fracture. When Hamm saw her, she was heartbroken.

As she recalls now, the girl, Delilah was “almost lifeless”, so weak that simple things like sitting or holding a bottle were tremendously hard for her.

Jess Hamm could not help but grow fond of the toddler. She often stayed at work longer just to be close to Delilah and give her the love and care she deserved.

Then, she found out that Delilah was not the only child being abused at home. She had a twin sister, Caroline, and she had been treated for similar severe injuries in the same hospital.

Both twin sisters were reportedly abused and malnourished at home by their parents.

The damage they had suffered could be irreparable; it could affect their development and skills in the future.

However, Jess Hamm had already given them a huge place in her heart, as well as in her home. The nurse made a life-changing decision and adopted the twin girls.

Now Delilah and Caroline have finally found a loving family. They receive love and the proper care they had  never expected.

It hasn't only been a happy encounter for the girls. Hamm feels blessed to have become a mother to these two adorable kids.

It is wonderful that stories like this have a happy ending, and these children have a chance to start a new life with a person they can call “mom”.

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