Besides Your Armpits, There Are 8 Other Weird Places You Can Apply Your Deodorant With Surprising Results

Date March 12, 2018

Deodorant can save you in many life situations, but we bet you still only use it for your armpits! However, it can have many more functions than just removing body odor (deodorants )and reducing sweating (antiperspirants).

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1. On pimples. A bit of alcohol-based deodorant dries pimples out and heals them faster.

2. On your shaved skin. After shaving, apply alcohol-free deodorant to the skin. It will prevent red spots and irritation from appearing. If you have an antiperspirant, avoid using it on the shaved skin, as it blocks the pores and may result in ingrowing hair.

3. Sweaty areas. If you suffer from extensive sweating on hot days, your armpits are not the only places that need protection. You may also apply antiperspirant between your thighs and under your breasts.

4. On mosquito bites. If you've been bitten and can't stop scratching – a bit of deodorant will soothe the skin.

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5. On your palms. If you have sweaty hands when you’re nervous or excited!

6. On your feet. Stinky shoes and feet can be a big problem - unless you use deodorant. Put it on your feet before going to bed, then in the morning put on your shoes and do not worry anymore.

7. On your hair. If you have an important meeting but no time to wash your hair, apply some antiperspirant to your scalp and massage it into your skin! It will absorb excess oils, but make take awhile to brush it off the scalp.

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8. On your door. If it is squeaky, you may be surprised by this method of removing the irritating noise – spray a bit of deodorant on it.

There are some weird places you can apply your deodorant! But they work, and with the help of this cosmetic remedy, you will get rid of many problems.

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