Do Not Overlook Cancer Symptoms! 18 Ways Your Body Is Telling You Something Is Wrong

Date April 4, 2018

Cancer is the modern plague of our society. Medical researchers are engaged in strenuous work to invent a cure while people diagnosed with cancer struggle to fight the disease and others try to overcome the pain from the loss of their loved ones. Cancer often sounds like a life sentence.

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However, doctors believe we can recognize it early and increase the chances of treating it successfully. Our body is always giving us signs – some of them are universal and may be ignored, while others are specific and indicate cancer development.

1. Frequent urination. If you notice that you have to go to the bathroom more often and the urination process is painful – it is recommended to visit a doctor. In addition to being a sign of diabetes, it could also be cancer.

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2. Lumps. This is a common symptom of cancer. Examine your body and if you find an unusual lump, have it checked at the hospital.

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3. Sores. It’s a warning sign if you notice sores in the genital area, around your mouth or in the mouth.

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4. Indigestion, constant pain in the stomach, pain after eating or heartburn. Difficulty swallowing can also be an indicator of cancer.

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5. Rapid unexplained weight loss. Stomach, pancreas, lung, or esophagus cancers always reveal themselves with decreased body weight.

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6. Fatigue. Colon cancer and leukemia result in blood loss, so you may feel extremely tired for no reason.

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7. Fever. Increased body temperature may be a sign of leukemia and lymphoma – this is how your body reacts to the cancer spreading.

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8. Pain. Constant pain for no reason is a warning sign. The combination of unexplainable pain, fatigue and fever is a dangerous hint from the body.

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9. Blood in your urine could indicate prostate cancer or bladder cancer.

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10. Skin changes. Pay attention to your skin color and any warts or moles that grow in size or bleed. Red or yellow skin may be manifestations of the disease. Freckles that change color or shape must not be overlooked as well.

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11. A white patch on your tongue or cheeks may be hiding mouth cancer.

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12. Bleeding. If you find unexplainable bleeding from the nipples, vaginal area, or mouth, or if you cough with blood – those can be red flags.

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13. A constant cough that accompanies chest pain and shortness of breath can be the signal of a spreading disease. Breast cancer and bowel cancer often spread to the lungs. The shortness of breath alone can also be a dangerous symptom.

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14. Chronic acid reflux can be an indicator of esophageal cancer. The lining of the esophagus is fragile and exposure to stomach acid causes Barret’s esophagus, a precancerous condition. It is important to recognize this signal early.

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15. Bruising. Unexplained bruising can be dangerous, be sure to consult a physician if you find surprising bruises on your body.

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16. Night sweats. It could be nothing, especially during menopause. However, if you notice that you wake up in sweats often, it may be a dangerous symptom.

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17. The combination of back pain, pelvic pain, and bloating can be signs of ovarian cancer. It is always hard to identify, so pay attention to the signals your body is giving you.

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18. Unexplainable joint pain that won’t stop is a reason to pay a visit to the doctor.

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Cancer is the number one ranked fatal disease. Sometimes, recognizing the early symptoms can be crucial, that is why it is paramount to listen to your body. It may give you hints when cancer has emerged. Some of the signs may not be dangerous, but it is better to be overly suspicious than overlook the warning signs of the deadly disease. Be healthy and take care of yourselves!

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