That's The True Devotion: Woman Stays Beside Her Horse Stuck In Deep Mud For Three Hours, Trying To Save Him

Date April 6, 2018

The devotion people show to their animals is amazing! This woman from Australia has proven how special the bond she shares with one of her horses is, refusing to leave him in danger.

When Nicole Graham was riding horses with her daughter Paris, she could not have known that the day would almost end in tragedy. Even though both ladies were riding through well-known countryside where they had been a million times before, the horses stepped in a quick-sand type of coastal sand. The four of them felt themselves being sucked into the mud.

Ray Greene / YouTube

Graham reacted quickly and rescued herself and her daughter with a horse, however her own horse, the 18-year-old Astro, got stuck deeper.

Ray Greene / YouTube

It was impossible for the woman to drag him out on her own no matter how hard she tried. She sent her daughter to call for help and stayed next to Astro. The harder the horse resisted, the deeper he went, and Nicole felt desperate and helpless.

Ray Greene / YouTube

She's the owner of 10 horses and loves each of them as her own children! She held on to her horse for 3 hours straight until she saw the rescue team.

Ray Greene / YouTube

Luckily, they arrived in time; the tide was coming in and every minute of delay would affect Astro's chances of survival. They had to sedate the horse in order to pull him out, but the whole ordeal ended with a happy outcome!

Graham was overwhelmed with joy! Her patience and devotion paid off: she did not abandon her horse when he was in a life-threatening situation and that was the most precious thing!

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