The Family Is Happy To Welcome Their Triplets, But How Come A Caucasian Couple Has Babies

The Family Is Happy To Welcome Their Triplets, But How Come A Caucasian Couple Has Babies Of Color

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February 16, 2018 11:49 By Mambee

Rachel and Aaron Halbert have an unusual multi-ethnic family! They struggled to conceive their own children, and now they've ended up having 5 of them!

Rachel Halbert / Facebook

After failed tries to get pregnant, they decided to adopt. That choice came naturally to them. The couple had a strong belief that it was an alternative to abortion, and they wanted to encourage desperate mothers to leave babies and give them a chance to live.

Rachel Halbert / Facebook

Rachel and Halbert adopted two children of color, an African American boy and girl, and they continued to live happily, with no intention of increasing their family anymore. But they were soon to welcome more members of the family!

Rachel Halbert / Facebook

The Christian center, which they were members of, started collaborating with the National Embryo Donation Center.

Aaron Halbert / Facebook

They gave embryos to those families who faced troubles conceiving naturally. When Rachel heard of this, she got obsessed with the idea, and she desperately wanted to get pregnant and carry children.

Aaron Halbert / Facebook

The Halberts chose two African American embryos and had them implanted successfully.

But the sonogram showed something else. There were 3 babies Rachel was carrying. It appeared that one embryo had split up.


The couple rejoiced upon this happy news, excited at the idea of three more members of the family.

Rachel gave birth to 3 amazing dark-skinned babies, Ryley, Anna Waverly, and Whitney! They are beyond happy and claim that they are living a real dream with their kids.

Aaron Halbert / Facebook

They live in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, right now, and are enjoying every moment together.

Rachel Halbert / Facebook

We all have different dreams, and this couple is living exactly the kind of life they've always wanted to! No doubt their kids will be raised with lots of love and care.

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