Glued Genitals: Doctors Describe A Rare Medical Case That Elderly Women Can Face

Date April 6, 2018

The unusual case happened in Japan and caused quite a stir among medical workers. They had never seen it before – a 76-year-old woman was found with a fusion of vaginal lips. It seems impossible, but in fact, her genitals were glued together.

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The woman was undergoing tests for esophagus cancer. The process of urinating was very difficult for the patient, though she admitted she did not feel pain, just discomfort.

After a visual examination, doctors could not believe what they saw – the woman’s vulva had skinned over, leaving just one little space for urinating. After the initial diagnosis, the woman was sent to the gynecology department where they conducted a scan and discovered an accumulation of urine in her vagina that could not be eliminated from the body properly.

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The rare cause was reported to the Journal of Medical Case reports. The doctors explained that such genital fusion might be provoked by menopausal hormonal imbalance and lack of sexual intercourse. The menopause is not a disease but a condition women experience after a decrease in estrogen production.

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The menopause may cause discomfort and pain in women. Symptoms may include vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, and urogenital problems. If you notice some of these “side effects” during the menopausal period, consult your physician in order to eliminate them.

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