A Toddler Who Is Allergic To Water, Including Her Own Tears And Sweat, Has Only One Solution To Survive

Date July 10, 2018

Life for this family has been different since they found out what afflicted 18-month-old Ivy. The little girl from Minnesota suffers from a rare disease, aquagenic urticaria, which means she is allergic to water! The girl experiences torturous pain in the bath, so her parents try to wash her just once a week, and do anything to keep her clean.

Little Ivy is allergic to her own sweat and tears, too. When she cries, her face turns red and burns. Contact with water in any form and at any temperature causes painful blisters, rash, and blisters on her skin.

Brittany Angerman / Facebook

Ivy’s mother, Brittany Angerman, tells People that they “have become an indoor family”. The unusual routine is complicated for a toddler, she is not allowed to play outside, rain or shine, because getting active to the point of making her sweat is also a problem. She cannot play any dirty games which might result in a much needed bath.

Brittany worries about her daughter’s future. The condition is getting worse and they worry Ivy may become allergic to water internally, a scenario in which her throat may swell when she drinks it.

Brittany Angerman / Facebook

Apparently, they no longer have any plans to travel with their kids or take them to the beach or Disneyland. They reconsider every step they make and even avoid making Ivy cry, as tears cause her terrible pain.

The little girl has enormous support from her family: Her parents and her half-sister, who is very protective of her. Moreover, Brittany created a page on GoFundMe and asked people for help to raise money for a new home. The Angerman family wants to move to a new house with an air-conditioning system and filtered water, where life will be a little bit less complicated for Ivy.

Brittany Angerman / Facebook

Ivy’s mom still believes that every cloud has a silver lining and their family has never been as strong and bonded as they are now.  She says, “It’s definitely brought our family a lot closer together”.

Source: People

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