4 Gentle Ways To Exercise To Prevent And Help Arthritis: Advice From Fitness Experts

Date February 15, 2018

It is no secret that joints have a certain lifespan, but we wish we could prolong their health, as an active lifestyle with no pain is precious.

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Wear and tear causes arthritis over time, but it is easier to prevent it than cure it!

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In order to keep your joints healthy for as long as possible, it is necessary to engage in physical activities in your daily life! Here is what medical specialists find to be the most effective for joint treatment.

1. Yoga

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Yoga has been known for its holistic treatment, but it benefits those with fragile joints especially. Slow movements and stretching your whole body may prevent inflammation.

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But it is better to avoid power yoga and fly yoga as dynamic exercises may put additional pressure on your joints.

2. Walking

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Walking is a great cardiovascular activity and it is good for joints too! Walk more as it strengthens bones, tissues, muscles and helps you build muscles around joints, which reduces pressure on them.

3. Water workouts

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For those who suffer from joint pain, water workouts can be a perfect option. Water resistance keeps your knees, ankles, and hips safer, so the injury risk is much lower compared to an ordinary workout.

4. Warm up

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It is important to perform warm-up exercises before any physical activity you do. Rotate your elbows to both sides slowly; the same goes for your knees and hips. Doctor Jo, a licensed physical therapist and doctor of physical therapy, suggests this stretching routine to prevent hand arthritis.

She developed a set of exercises for legs to prevent arthritis and for those who suffer from the disease.

Dr. Michaela M. Schneiderbauer, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, suggests considering cycling and swimming and avoiding high-intensity exercises. 

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Note that sore joints can have other causes – a sedentary lifestyle, obesity or poor diet. Once you've developed arthritis, there is no way to cure it completely, so take care of your joints beforehand.

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