You've Probably Been Wearing The Wrong Shoes This Entire Time: 8 Types Of Harmful Footwear That Kill Our Feet

Date April 4, 2018

In the pursuit of fashion, we tend to forget what really matters – out comfort and health. The harm from wearing uncomfortable shoes is well-known among women, nevertheless, we opt for beauty and style rather than foot health.

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Some shoes are so popular that we forget what harm they can cause. Let’s see what might be real enemies for your feet, and what medical issues they could cause.

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1. Extremely high heels

When seeing celebrities on the red carpet wearing those mesmerizing high heels, you may instantly think how chic and glamorous they look! However, such footwear may make you hate them after all. Wearing them often results in the following problems:

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  • A painful bump on the back of the heel often called a “pump bump”. You may experience swelling, blisters, and bursitis.
  • The unnatural foot position causes intense pressure on the ball of the foot. It inflames the large joint, the toe bones and the nerves surrounding them. Chronic stress to the foot bones can even cause hairline fractures.
  • Ankle sprains – they often happen as wearing high heels increases the risk of falling, stumbling, and turns.

2. Stiletto heels

Extra narrow heels put you at a double risk of injuries, as you don’t have a solid support for your weight.

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3. Ballet flats

Even shoes with low heels can cause damage. The extremely flat sole of ballets provides very little support for the arch of the foot. This results in knee and back problems and causes a painful condition called plantar fasciitis.

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If the sole of your shoes is too flat, you can always upgrade it with orthotic inserts. They are highly recommended by podiatrists and reduce the stress on sensitive areas.

4. Flip-flops

This footwear is very bad at providing foot arch support; in addition, they are too open and provide almost no protection.

  • If you have blood diseases or skin conditions, avoid wearing flip-flops, as accidental cuts or scratches may have serious consequences.
  • Plantar fascia inflammation is a condition which develops as the result of wearing shoes with no arch support. The tissue on the bottom of the feet can overstretch, tear, or inflame.

5. Wedges

6. Pointy toes

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These stylish shoes with pointy toes squeeze all the toes together and that results in a bunch of problems: bone and nerve inflammation, bunions, toe deformities, and hammertoes.

7. Wrong size shoes

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Sometimes we want our feet to look smaller and more attractive, so we pick a smaller size. But this dangerous choice can result in calluses, blisters, bunions, corns, and developing arthritis much faster. Putting smaller shoes on kids can lead to foot deformities as they grow.

8. Rocker bottom shoes

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The fitness industry developed sneakers with a thick push-off bottom, which gives you a little bounce as you walk. Although this invention will benefit those with joint pain and foot deformities, it can be harmful to the elderly, or people with balance and muscles issues.

You probably now know what footwear to choose in order to keep your feet healthy! The right size, arch support, and toe comfort are the key elements to consider for your next pair!