Study Suggests That Single Women In Elderly Age Are Healthier And Happier Than Married Wom

Study Suggests That Single Women In Elderly Age Are Healthier And Happier Than Married Women

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January 25, 2018 13:08 By Mambee

Marriage is a complicated thing, it requires much energy, and the more we give, the more we expect to receive in return. When we say the important words "Yes, I do" we all hope to grow old together and experience the lifetime of happiness, don't we? Unfortunately it is not always the case.

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Sometimes women complain that life in marriage does not get any easier with time, and husbands create more stress and pressure than children. Life with one partner ends up in taking each other for granted, and not appreciating each other.

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The new study suggests that women who are widowed or single in senior age live happier life, than those who are tied with the vow.

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Apparently, 3 in every 4 mothers with partners feel under pressure of taking care of children and household, receiving no assistance and support from husbands.1 in every 5 mothers complains that the main reason of stress is the lack of help from her spouse.

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That leads to  a sad conclusion, that unfortunately there is still a misconception in men, that household is only women's prerogative.

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When it comes to parenting, women report that fathers generally invest less time to children, even if both parents are working.

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Another research which investigated father involvement in children care made a sad conclusion. Mothers spend twice as much more time to child nurturing, and it is weird due to modern popularity of "equal parenting" idea.

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So maybe this is the start of family discord. Tension between souses just grows with time.

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Dr Caterina Trevisan of the University of Padova says that usually woman have longer lifespan, so they face additional pressure from taking care of husbands when they grow old.

The presence of a wife may bring benefits for men in terms of household management and healthcare, whereas women are 'more likely to feel stressed and find their role restrictive and frustrating.

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All in all, it seems that women who have single life enjoy it more, their health conditions are much better in comparison with married women, and their level of satisfaction from life is higher.

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Widowed or single women have time for themselves, while children are already grown ups and do not require care, they enjoy independent life without a burden of responsibility for someone else. /

Hopefully men who are familiar with this research will have a look at the married life from the different angle and appreciate their wives’ job more!

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