These Trees Refuse To Give Up: 10 Amazing Photos Which Show That Life Finds Its Way

Date January 25, 2018

Life is so strong, it will find a way! These amazing trees found their way to declare life and strength! Pretty amazing!! The shots were taken in different corners of the world. People come and go, cities rise and fall, but nature will always be victorious over civilization! They make us admire of nature power and teach us to never give up!

1. No company - no problem. 

CJ105 / Reddit

2. Even when you feel jammed in life, do not hurry to surrender. 

Tokyomaneater69 / Reddit

3. This tree was a pain in the neck for house residents. But they did not know that if they chopped it, four more would grow. 

SurrenderDorothy / Imgur

4. A victim of civilization

schweke / Reddit

5. Abandoned car has a dweller now.

5MonkeyPunches / Reddit

6. This tree thinks it is not a right place for the fence. 

napalm098 / Reddit

7. Closer to the sun and sky, and tons of concrete is not an obstacle.

Romain Jacquet-Lagreze / Facebook

8. The tree refuses to die, so it just found another way out.

P27JB9 / Reddit

9. This is the Tree Of Life in Olympic National Park, Washington. The name of it fully justifies itself - it clutches to the rocks with roots craving to live.

ticktock44 / Reddit

10. Reunion of a tree and a wooden bench

burghquay / Reddit

The power of nature and its desire to live is so strong, we cant stop admiring it. Only creatures with a spirit and a soul may feel this urge to grow and overcome obstacles, as we think. these photos are living proof that plants have an instinct too, which let them thrive and beat for life.

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