These Amazing Videos Prove That Cats And Dogs Are The Best Babysitters


November 29, 2017 20:52 By Mambee

Looking at these three snuggle together peacefully makes the heart melt. This is what a picture perfect looks like, total harmony in their own world.

Meet Pebbles the Ragdoll kitten, and Nelda the 8-month-old Labrador. They welcomed a new member of the family baby Elsarose, who is only 6 weeks on this video, with warmth and sweet attention and now they love just laying together, relaxing. You never know how your pets will react on a new  member, but here you can see they get along perfectly well. If you still have concerns about babies and pets being around each other, here is a proof, that they can manage it.

Here is a cat Stewie who tries so hard to soothe a crying baby Connar. You may see, that pets can be a great helpers too, being sensitive and sympathetic for the little ones.

It is important to prepare your pet beforehand for a new coming baby. You may give all your attention to a cat or a dog, but when baby comes, it will all change, and pets do feel it. This is where jealousy  and misunderstanding comes from.

Anyway true happiness is when every member of the family feels cherished and loved, and they can cuddle in the middle of the day, or play together, radiating peace and comfort. Now it feels like it would be amazing to join them! Anyway, be sure you do not leave your babies alone with pets without your attention.