Revealed: A Scientific Reason Why Trump Likes Blondes


December 25, 2017 17:50 By Mambee

Beauty is a relative notion. There have been endless debates between men who argued which women are more beautiful – blondes or brunettes. Of course, they did not gain any common conclusion, because tastes differ. But the scientists actually know the reason why men prefer certain hair color in the opposite sex.

From what we can judge of, mister president Donald Trump is prone to blonde women, his first and second wives were blond-haired models, but the first lady stands out as an exception, having light-brown hair.


Historically, the representatives of fair hair and skin were considered to be rare, so more desirable and exotic. Even now, only 2 percent of Earth population is truly blond.

Comparing 2 hair types of women, men subconsciously perceive them differently. Brunettes are associated with more powerful and decisive women, who usually are more ambitious and possess more manly features. On the contrary, blondes are considered to have more of submission personalities, and to be someone who may easily settle down and focus on the family.


Other research claims that blondes attract more men’s attention because they convey the impression of femininity and fragility. So being with a blonde woman makes a man feel more like a man.


Another reason Donald Trump has chosen younger women as wives is that according to studies, blond hair makes aging more visible. So therefore, such ladies seem younger to men.


Another study suggests that the answer is evolution. When the first people were looking for a female to mate, they chose one with better health. So those with fairest hair and skin had all their health conditions written on the face. That reason of a choice seems clever enough.

It is always hard to argue on tastes, because the true beauty is seen by the heart, not the eyes, it is the energy everyone radiates from within.

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