Douglas Family's Strong Genes: Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas and Cameron Douglas Share A Striking Resemblance

This famous family is getting bigger, as Cameron Douglas, Michael Douglas' first son, shared a photo with his then new-born baby daughter during Christmas celebration in 2017. The baby girl's middle name was chosen to honor Cameron’s grandfather, famous actor Kirk Douglas.












Merry Christmas ???? #PeaceandLove



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It seems that this family's genes are quite strong, as three generations of men share an uncanny resemblance. Kirk Douglas celebrated his 101st birthday in 2017, surrounded by his  loving family. There is nothing better than this!












101 today!!!! My darling Pappy on my knee. Happy Birthday to my wonderful, inspirational and loving father in law, Kirk. Love you with all my heart. ❤️#hero



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Kirk is the last living actor from the Golden Age of American cinematography. His face, along with Michael Douglas', is tattooed now on Cameron’s chest as a tribute to the glory and talent of his family members.












Not going to quit until I get there. #tattoo #bodyink #camerondouglas



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Michael Douglas, 74, is not any less famous. When he started his acting career, he was such a strong reminder of his dad that he could have passed up for a younger version of his father.

He could take any role, from weak and morally indolent characters to strong and dominant role models. He had first son, Cameron, with his first wife. Cameron is now almost a copy of his dad, or a granddad, or both.

Maybe it is very hard to distinguish because the three of them look very much alike.

Cameron Douglas has been released from prison in 2016 after serving a conviction for drug possession, and it is unknown now if he is going to pursue his acting career or devote most of his time to parenting.












Better days! #camerondouglas



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On his Instagram page, Cameron has gushed about his famous family, who all love to be around his little daughter. The proud dad named her Lua Izzy.


#Lua Loves her #Buba 💝

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Izzy was given to the little one to pay a tribute to Kirk Douglas, the girl's great-grandfather.



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Legendary Kirk Douglas' birth name is actually Issur Danielovitch, which was shortened to Izzy with time.


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They all look like a happy and well-knit family, and a real example of pure love and devotion towards each other!

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