This Breast Cancer Survivor And Her Daughter Made A Touching Photo Shoot To Support Each Other's Baldness

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December 27, 2017 15:02 By Mambee

Beauty is beaming from these two ladies who got together in a professional photo shoot to support each other’s baldness.

The pictures are inspirational indeed – mother and daughter pose eagerly, looking into each other, and showing how close bond they have.

Kristi Tavenner raises 7-year-old girl Rose who has to fight with alopecia, this is an autoimmune disease which provokes hair loss. Not so long ago, Kristy was diagnosed with breast cancer, and due to chemical therapy lost her hair too.

Kristy said, it was hard to adjust to new look and accept herself, but the strength of her little daughter helped her. They both are very close, but baldness made them even closer.

They communicated their feelings to each other about hair loss, grieved about it, but sharing made it much easier. Both could embrace the changes now, and set a motto for themselves: “Bald is beautiful”.

This is what happens when you find power inside of you to struggle – you become inspiration for others with similar problems. Kristi and Rose are fighting their diseases with pride and love, and we all know, that love is the best medicine.

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