Kind Woman Glues The Wing To The Damaged Butterfly - Then She Captures An Amazing Recovery And Its First Flight


January 12, 2018 15:28 By Mambee

Meet Romy McCloskey, she is a costume designer, and a real scissors and needles magician! She creates extraordinary costumes for movies and performances and for private clients. You can check out her extra ordinary work here at her Facebook page!

Beside human clients she had a very special one! This is Monarch butterfly, and the baby was born with a broken wing.

But the professional sewer knew what to do.

It turned out, she is fond of butterflies, and she just happened to have an extra wing!

So with the help of few tools she could fix the new wing for poor butterfly.

Holding the butterfly with the help of wire hanger, she cut the damaged edges, and glued the extra wing!

The result is awesome, such a neat job! But will the butterfly use the wing prosthesis?

The day passed, and Romy went outside to check if the little fellow will fly.

The butterfly pulled himself together and took off! Let’s wish him good luck! The kind fairy fixed him and now he began the new page of his life!

There are others who share the same hobby! Here is Live Monarch Foundation teaches a lesson about how to fix broken wings in a butterfly. Maybe the tips from the video will come on handy!

You never know when you can help a living creature like that.

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