This 'Secret' Video From Kate And Will's Royal Wedding Blown Britain Away In 2011. So It's Time To Remember The Prince Harry's Dance

Date December 27, 2017 18:12

At first glance, it seems like a secret alternative wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.


lifesforsharing / YouTube


The church ceremony like this is something they would enjoy doing, but the royal status did not let them get all the jollies.


lifesforsharing / YouTube


Or probably this would happen in an alternative reality. You really can think that they are members of the royal family, but then you realize, it is just a parody.


lifesforsharing / YouTube


This wedding entrance dance created by T-Mobile is so amusing and fun, as this group of actors could find the look-alike characters of the British royal family, you can hardly see the difference. The personages of Camilla and Prince Charles look exactly as real people.

The actors dance, play with each other, and just have fun to the applauds of the amused guests. They are definitely great fans of the Kate And William couple and the little fun performance was meant to greet them on their marriage and wish them years of love and happiness.

In fact, the ceremony was far more reserved and formal and maybe all the fun dances happened later behind the closed door.

Prince Harry has become the husband himself, celebrating his nuptials with Miss Meghan Markle!


Their wedding ceremony was watched by people all over the globe, and millions were fighting tears when they heard "I will" from the Prince and Meghan Markle.


You can watch the royal wedding ceremony and join the celebration of love between these two amazing people.

However, the royal fans may expect the same "secret party" parody. Was it something hidden from the common viewers?


We wish both families of Prince William and Prince Harry the long and happy years together with their wonderful wives! The royal family is extending, and we can't be more overjoyed about it!

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