Heartlessness Or Humanity? This Is A Hole In The Wall - Named A 'Baby Hatch' - Where Mothers Give Away Their Unwanted Newborn Babies


December 22, 2017 14:14 By Mambee

There are many newborns abandoned by their parents. The reasons which push young mothers to make such a hard choice are various - they may not be able to take care for a child, or get depressed and lost facing the responsibility, especially when a newborn has mental or physical disabilities. Considering this, more countries install the baby hatches – the way out for desperate parents who think of leaving the child, the lucky chance for a baby, or maybe the idea which promote more abandoning?

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Te baby hatch is a window, or a box, or just a "hole" in the wall usually installed in the hospitals, where an unwanted baby is placed. Within 3 minutes it rings a bell and the stuff of the hospital rushes to pick the new-comer, they check his health and conditions, and after decide his destiny.

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In Switzerland, for instance, where the baby hatches are used in several  cities, they take care of the baby for 12 months and during this time a mother may reclaim for the baby. It happens that decisions to leave a baby may be made in a rush or under a desperate state of mind, so a mother has a chance to bring the child back. After a year, they put up a child for adoption.

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As children are left anonymously, there has been a commodity in society. Some say, it creates a problem because there is no way to find out if any other members of the family can take care of a child. It is also unknown if fathers are aware of the situation. While the kid grows, it will be impossible for him to reunite with his biological parents and know where he comes from and what his kin is.

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There are always two sides of the coin. While for some babies it may be a lucky chance for a decent life, and proper sustenance, instead of being left on the street where it is impossible to survive without adults’ care; for some parents the idea itself of abandoning a baby and placing him into safe hands may push them to do so, instead of taking the responsibility for themselves.

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Even though leaving a new born baby is illegal, there are number of countries which already use baby hatches. Now they are set legally in Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, India, South Africa, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, USA, and Japan. In Australia and Canada there have been discussions regarding establishing the baby boxes, but they did not result in anything yet.

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