Meryl Streep As A Mother, Actor And Politician: Which Role Suits Her Best

Date January 10, 2018

Meryl Streep is three times Oscar winner and a successful actress, but there are so many facets of her personality remain undiscovered. She is the mother of 4 children, 1 son and three daughters who are almost the copies of Meryl in appearance.


What’s more – they all follow their mother’s steps and work in the entertainment sphere. Mamie and Grace Gummer are actresses, and Louisa Gummer is a model.


Maintaining acting career with parenting

Being a child of such a hardworking and famous actress is definitely a challenge. But as Mamie told in her interview for Entertainment Tonight, Maryl has been a very devoted mother, even though she had to sacrifice a little from the both ends – her career and family life, she always thrived to maintain the perfect balance and put kids on the first place.

Mamie Gummer got the chance to star in the movie “Ricki and the Flesh” together with her mom, and said it was hard sometimes to share the stage with her, as they cant stop comparing their acting talents.


Ups and downs on Meryl's professional path

Meryl Streep’s path has not been an easy one when she tried to pursue her dreams and conquer Hollywood. She was acting in the Broadway plays at the beginning and morning ritual of getting a newspaper and reading feedback from the critics was the most nervous moment of the day. That imprinted on her mind forever, as the reviews were not the flattering ones. When she was auditing for the “King Kong” movie, she was rejected because of being “too ugly” for the part. That could break her, but she realized she would not let one opinion ruin her career.


Now she is one of the greatest actresses living, and her legacy to the cinematography is tremendous. She has been always a chameleon playing different characters, from the polish woman suffered during Holocaust time (Sophie's Choice 1982), a plantation owner (Out of Africa 1985) to an edgy bitter-ender of a fashionable world (The Devil Wears Prada 2006).


Beside acting talent Meryl has an ability to speak with many different accents, sings and narrates audio books, three of them are books for children.

Political views

Meryl says she supports the American Left, but when it comes to politics, being involved in this business turned out to be too overwhelming. She has been the spokesperson against the Trump politics, but lately she revealed to Buzzfeed, that speaking up her mind against the president has affected her life and she is not willing to get deeper into politics any more.


During the Golden Globe event, where she received the Cecil B. DeMille Award, she gave a speech expressing her opinion about how Mr. Trump uses his authority. She has been criticized for her views a lot, and maybe this is why she decided to get distant from the world of politics now.


Meryl Streep has an image of a humble and classy woman, but the one with the powerful core inside her, and a strong motivation which keeps her moving. Not once in her life she received critics – for being a careless mother because she gave all herself to the stage, for tasteless acting and not pretty-enough look, and for getting herself involved into political world with no experience.  Despite of them, she is one of the most influential women of our time, and nothing will ever change that.

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