The Coldest Village This Winter Hits The Record With -80 Degrees Fahrenheit: The Photos Are Beyond Reality

Date January 18, 2018

If you are a fan of winter landscapes – these will definitely inspire you! The village Oymyakon in Siberia with about 500 residents is the coldest place with people this year.

The temperature hit the record and sank to -62 degrees Celcius, and broke the thermometer! That’s about -80 Fahrenheit! Most people would think it is unbelievable to survive in this cold.

But those who live in Oymyakon seemed to adjust quite nicely to rough weather conditions.

They do not just survive, they enjoy it – people go out, and even work outside in cold and ice.

It has been for more than 60 years the area did not get this cold. But the citizens of the place seem not to worry at all, life goes on as usual.

The whole area including Yakutsk, the most weather contrasting city in the world, is suffering from severe cold this winter. 

Or maybe the word "suffering" is wrong in this case?

Along with extra-ordinary weather conditions, nature transfigures as well and creates pictures perfect for the eye.

That is why people from Siberia cannot but stop and take a moment to admire the beauty of winter fairy-tale, taking photos and sharing them with the world.

These photos alone give the shivers!

Mother nature has so many faces. This snowy land is breathtaking indeed, and if you crave for extreme impressions, you know the place to visit now!

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