The Longest Married Couple Of America Celebrates 86th Wedding Anniversary And Shares Their Secrets to Love

Some couples are made in heaven and once they meet each other, they never separate!

Long-lasting marriage is the dream for so many people, but not everyone can gain this goal. 

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But John and Ann Betar have shown everybody what love and devotion really means.

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It is hard to believe but this couple has been married for 86 years! John and Ann Betar have been through good and bad times and but it didn’t break them. They are together, still tender and caring for each other.

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When they are asked about their secret of long happy life together, they smile. John says, they take life as it comes, the good and the bad, and they remain contented no matter what.

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Ann explains that it is important to devote time to understand each other. Sounds like a valuable advice.

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Ann and John are having a large family and it is a true blessing for them to have their support. They have 5 kids, 14 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren.

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The interesting fact, that they were not supposed to be married at all. But the destiny brought them together.

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Ann’s father wanted to wed her with the man twenty years older, but their love with John conquered the obstacles. No one believed their marriage would last long, but where are those people now?

The Betar couple has been through joy and sorrow hand in hand, and they still have so much to experience together.

Their amazing example is so inspiring! It makes us believe that despite the ups, and downs of love, it is possible to preserve love. Maybe this is their key to longevity!

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